England Wore Shorts (US/UK) R-18


So been a few weeks, eh? Real life sucks. :( Hopefully I get a nice break soon for some nice quality tumblr time.

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okay fuck i’m too lazy to gather up pictures and make a post

so uhhh


i want to do them yes

i’ll draw anything really

ocs, animes, homestuck, sherlock(lol)

singles, couples, headshots, fullbody, naked, clothed, gay, straight, whatever

i really just need money so idc!

i guess

  • chibis can be $2, colored with a simple background (all backgrounds will be simple since the concept of backgrounds eludes me)
  • lineart headshot can beeeee $5, add $1 per additional character
  • lineart bust/fullbody can be $10 plus $2 for each additional character
  • short comic (like this or this) is $15 or one like this is $20 and please have an idea of what you want
  • super coloring (as i like to call it) like this will be $30 because it takes forever 

if you want a certain color for a background for any of those, just specify. random textures/swirls/whatever are no additional cost because a 5 year old could do them

if you want any of the above (aside from chibi) flat colored, add an additional $3

if you want it to be colored with shading and highlights and whatnot, add $5

if you feel my prices are unfair (though i find them quite cheap) we can always discuss it while we go over what you want.

if you are seriously interested and have money in your hand right this moment please send me either a message on here or to my email (holmes.corinne@yahoo.com) with the subject “commission” or something so i know what it is! i will accept payment through paypal, because it seems to be the easiest thing to do.

i want to provide you with a picture that you truly want and i will work with you every step of the way to ensure it is how you imagined it! if you think the entire thing is wrong, i will start over with no fuss. it is your money after all and i don’t want to rip anyone off!

idk what else i really need to say other than if you want examples, i post art on here all the time and also you can peruse my art tag

(jeez my bad all the examples are sherlock LOL)

sorry to reblog this on here, especially since i’ve been so inactive.

i’m just really trying to get this out there. even if you can’t/don’t want to buy anything, i would really appreciate you just taking the time to reblog this so others who may be interested can see it.

thank you!<3

(and also i’m off the next 2 days so i’ll try and post quite a few to make up for my absence!)

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random announcement

god i am so bipolar with this blog

i’m sorry but life is really getting in the way of my life

but um in regards to the fanmail thing tumblr thought would be a good idea, i don’t mind if you send me fanmail.

it actually really makes me happy!

just please please please please don’t use it to request for things

the ask box gets closed for a reason

please understand that

thank you<3

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Log [Rated 18+] USUK



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Lovesick [Denmark/Sweden R-18]


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Gracier: Million Lies—English



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oh god i love this doujin.

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England Wore Shorts (US/UK) R-18


So been a few weeks, eh? Real life sucks. :( Hopefully I get a nice break soon for some nice quality tumblr time.

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Baby Baby Baby! by Yessir [NSFW]


Okay, first off, you need to be warmed. This doujin is full of sex. If you’re under 18 (which I am /shot) or do not like sex scenes, don’t open this.

Disclaimer: Not scanned by me :D

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Heart Beat Vamp


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Ciao Sparkling Scanlation



Ciao Sparkling by HKR

I introduced myself with HKR’s Ciao Sparkling over a year. Without a scanner or a translator. Now I depart with HKR’s Ciao Sparkling with a HQ scanlation.

Recommended Listening: Be Italian

♫Be Italian Take A Chance And Try To Steal A Fiery Kiss♪


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This is seriously the best spamano doujin I’ve read. HKR, I love you.

have i posted this before

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